Support us!

There are more than enough resources in the world to sustain every living being. Unjust systems, however, keep us from fully experiencing the material and spiritual abundance that is our birthright. We choose to do our work knowing that we will be fully supported by a Loving and Generous Universe, but we do not sit around waiting for resources to fall out of the sky. We need your help–the Universe works through you! Please consider sharing your time, energy, and/or financial resources. Sharing is caring!

Share Your Time and Energy

Your energy and your authentic presence is, to us, the most important resource. Together, we can grow the compassionate community we envision. Basically: we really love you and want you to come hang out with us. So come participate in one of our many events and share your Deepest Self. And if you feel inspired by what we do and have other ideas on how to cultivate a healthy, spiritual and inclusive community, send us an email or better yet, consider joining our fantastic and beautiful Board of Directors!

Share Your Financial Resources

We need your financial help in making this important work sustainable. Currently we are a completely volunteer-run organization. While we absolutely love doing this work, it also takes an incredible amount of time, energy and commitment. Please consider donating your financial resources. Email Christine at for more info!


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