Hike with Us!

IMG_3184Our Proper Place in the Midst of All Things: A Monthly Hike for People of Color

“First, their whole spiritual practice should be enveloped by the principles of metta (lovingkindness). Then they should be taken out into nature, into beautiful forests or mountains. They must stay there long enough to realize that they too are a part of nature. They must rest there until they too can feel harmony with all life and their proper place in the midst of all things.” – Buddhadasa, Thai Buddhist monk and philosopher

In many spiritual traditions all around the world, people journey into the wilderness for contemplation and (re)connection to the Divine. In honor of the profound healing that we have personally received from the gifts of Nature, we are excited to announce that we will be organizing a monthly hike for People of Color on the 3rd  or 4th Saturday of each month in the summer.  The date will depend on organizer schedules and the unique gifts of each season (for instance, the September hike may be the 4th Saturday in order to catch the stunning fall foliage in the sub-alpine ecosystem).

We will be exploring and wandering through the mountains, rivers, and ocean wildernesses of the Pacific Northwest, primarily Washington, but forays and longer wilderness retreats in other states and Canadian provinces will also be dreamt up and then miraculously manifested in the future.

The goal of these wilderness adventures is to bring healing to communities of color through the Original Path: communing with each other and (re)connecting to All Living Beings by being out in nature, feeling the precious gift of your body.  There will be no preaching and no dogma, though we do ask that all who choose to come adopt, at least for the day, an attitude of nonviolence, openness and respect.  This is nonviolence in thought, word and action toward ourselves and others (individuals AND groups of people).  In other words, please don’t talk sh@$ about yourself or anybody else in the presence of the Mother!

If you are concerned about not having adequate outdoor gear, we can help you out by lending you rain jackets, fleece jackets, etc. Just holla at zenyuseattle@gmail.com.


COSTS: 1) gas money ($5-12 each time, depending on how many folks come and how far we venture)
2) if you have the means, offering to drive when you can
3) dana/love donation for organizing costs

NEXT HIKE: Saturday, June 29th, 2013, 8am-6pm.  RSVP to zenyuseattle@gmail.com


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