SACRED SOUND WORKSHOP: Reclaiming Our Voice, Reclaiming Our Power

All over the world, music and singing has had a primarily spiritual purpose.In this workshop, we will experience how our voice can connect us to deeper levels of ourselves and to the incredibly healing world of sound. In a loving and supportive environment, we learn to listen intuitively, making sacred sounds and using the power of intention to heal ourselves, each other and our communities. Together, we will discover and reclaim our own voice as a source of inner power. For all those who wonder why we are making all those strange sounds when we meditate together and yet have no idea why you feel so good after, this is the workshop for you!  Equally accessible for singers and non-singers alike, believers and non-believers!

Opening Ceremony with Altar Creation
Balancing, Aligning and Tuning our Energy Centers
Exploration of Silence, Sound and Our Creative Instincts
Sound: the Science and the Sacred
The Role of Body in Sound and Healing
Circle Singing, a leader-led improvised community sing
Simple songs and rounds
Intentional Singing for Healing


ImageChristine Cruz Guiao is a sound healer, spiritual guide and community-builder, with extensive experience leading retreats and experiences that profoundly connect us to ourselves, each other and Nature.

She currently leads and organizes monthly sound meditation classes, and regularly holds meditation workshops at organizations such as Seattle University, Shoreline Community College, & YouthSource, a program for previously-incarcerated youth.



Rebekka Goldsmith is a vocalist, social artist and improviser who teaches vocal improvisation as a technique for developing music skills, personal intuition, risk-taking, creative capacity and healing.

Rebekka has taught with master vocal improviser, Rhiannon, and facilitates beginning through advanced vocal exploration workshops and retreats for youth and adults throughout the United States and Canada.


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