Zenyu Board of Directors looking for new members!

Zenyu is at a super-exciting stage of development. We are now recruiting a diverse Board of Directors that reaches beyond our immediate circle of friends/ organizers/ etc. We were just born and are seeking more loving family members to help raise us into the compassionate, fierce nonprofit organization that we know we can be! 

Zenyu is a spiritually-based organization committed to providing venues for healing and community-building in queer people of color (QPOC) communities in the Seattle area. We provide opportunities for QPOC’s and allies to have exposure and opportunity to find our rightful place in nature as well as facilitating sacred sound healing, meditation circles and ceremonies. Zenyu honors many spiritual traditions, but is not affiliated with any religious institutions.

We are a new organization embarking on a strategic planning process that will ground our future work in a mission and vision.  We will be developing a fiscal plan & fundraising strategy that will sustain our work  and allow us to become a long-term resource for our communities. We are interested in engaging in an authentic community assessment and shaping future programing on our findings.

Our intention is to create a board with access to a diverse network of contacts & resources.  This includes people with diverse backgrounds, as well as varied levels of professional & life experience. You do not need previous board experience to apply.  We will be striking a balance between those who are new to boards and those with previous experience.  

We hope you can be a part of this! The spiritual/personal growth of our board members is key to the success of Zenyu (and vice versa). We will be creating a mutually-beneficial relationship between Zenyu and our board members, as we each grow.

We are asking for a commitment of two years on the board. This includes:
– General Board meetings (once a month). Minimum 2-hour meeting time.  Additional preparation time may be required.
-Committee Meetings (which meet at the discretion of the committee). Average of 1 hour per month.  ALL Board Members are required to sit on at least one Committee per year.
-Volunteering at Zenyu events & Fundraisers  (about 5 times a year). Time varies for each event; however, anticipate frequent committee meetings, tasks, and event participation.
-Annual Spiritual Wilderness Board Retreat, June 15-17, 2012 for visioning, community-building, strategic planning and more!
Applications are due by February 5, 2012.  Please email to: zenyuseattle@gmail.com with the subject line “Board Application” followed by your name.  If you have questions, contact us directly at zenyuseattle@gmail.com or refer to our FAQ page at https://zenyuhealing.wordpress.com/about/ .


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