October Hike Cancelled-Let’s POCcupy Seattle instead!

We’ve decided not to host our monthly hike this Saturday, October 22nd.  As folks may know, there has been much activity this past week by People of Color to heighten racial awareness and decolonize the Occupy Seattle movement.  A Day of Solidarity has been announced for Saturday, October 22nd, with events starting at noon at Westlake Center. To do what we can to support, we will instead host a group meditation to support the People of Color (POC) Caucus in the Peoples Movement Rally (part of Occupy Seattle). We will then take the Light Rail to Westlake together to join in activities.

We feel it is important for people of color to have a voice in mainstream progressive & radical movements.  We also recognize that many POC’s have not felt safe to participate fully in the Occupy Seattle protest. As an organization, Zenyu does not support polarizing and fear-based politics.  Instead, we strive to remember the inherent goodness of all people, including the top 1%, while at the same time holding all people responsible for their actions in creating a just world.   We view these exciting times of Great Earth Change as unique and much-needed opportunities to practice compassion, remember our shared humanity, and join in the creation of a world that actually serves Life.

So join us Saturday.  Let’s bring the glorious light of our Souls to this mofo!!  Any questions? Email us at zenyuseattle@gmail.com!

WHAT: Pre-march Meditation & Centering ceremony

WHEN: Saturday, October 22, 2011, 10 AM.

WHERE: Occupy Yummy House & Temple (a.k.a. Hilda, Christine & April’s House)

2828 S. Frontenac, Seattle, WA 98108

across from the Van Asselt Community Center, on Bus route 36, off of Beacon & Myrtle

After the Meditation, we’ll carpool to Othello Station down the hill and Light Rail it to Westlake.

And if you need to borrow a rainjacket (it’s gonna rain), we’ll hook you up!

Details of the march and rally: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=207983679270672


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